What should I look for in a foundation repair contractor?

There are several things to investigate with foundation repair companies. The first is, do they offer a lifetime warranty, and if they do, are there ever any service fees to come back out. Is the warranty valid for the owner that has the work done, or is it for the life of the home. Other things that you should do are check up with the local Better Business Bureau and make sure they have a good record. If there ever were any problems, did they take care of them to make the customer happy? Look for a physical address. Many startup companies use a PO Box as their place of business. If you should ever have problems, finding owners or anyone willing to help you can be difficult.

How long do repairs typically take?

The foundation repair process usually takes from 2-3 days. Sometimes it can take more or less though, depending on how many piers are being installed.

What is the typical cost of foundation repair?

There is no typical cost. We do jobs from $2,000 to $50,000. The average job though is somewhere between $6,000 to $12,000. This is a big range, but it really depends on the extent and severity of the damage.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Waco Foundation Repair maintains the best warranty in the industry. Our repairs are covered for the lifetime of the structure. If ownership of the house is transferred, the foundation repair warranty applies to the new owner. Waco Foundation Repair will, at no cost to the homeowner, correct any defects in workmanship or materials that may have occurred to stabilize the foundation. Please contact us for more details.