Steel Piers

Steel Piers Repair

Steel piers are considered the premiere piering system in foundation repair. Steel piers go deeper than other piers and are designed to reach load bearing strata by using the weight of the structure. This allows the pier to rest on the bedrock. The steel pier transfers the weight of the structure from the unstable soil to the steel pier that is standing on the bedrock.

Steel piers
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Repairing Foundation

Prepare Site:

The Steel Beam Foundation repair is done in several phases. Once the Field Technician's repair design is reviewed, installation points are determined surrounding the structure. Once the area is cleared of all shrubs and plants, tarps are laid down to protect the surrounding lawn. A small hole is hand dug to gain access to where the new piers will be installed.

Pier Installation:

Once the area is cleared, the hydraulic ram is used to press the lead pipe section and subsequent pipe sections deeper to the load bearing strata. Driving stops once many layers of pipe have been driven into the soil and a permanent foundation support is established.


Using hydraulic jacks, the interior floor levels are raised to their natural position. The team moves slowly and systematically to ensure a gentle and uniform lift. The Field Superintendent monitors the lift of the structure to ensure the reaction of the structure and interior elevation readings is accurate and does not cause undo strain on the structure.

Pier Completion:

Once the structure has been lifted to its natural position, concrete cylinders replace the hydraulic jacks to provide permanent support to the structure. Once the excavated area is filled in, any debris resulting from the repair process will be removed. The foundation is now incredibly secure.

* only applies to jobs that require 10 or more piers, in pier area only. Does not include installation.